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File Properties - General





You are editing the general properties of a file that is compiled in a publication with HTML Executable.



Compilation Properties


Exclude the selected file: if you turn this option on, HTML Executable will exclude the file from the compilation; it will not be available at all.

Do not compress the selected file: when enabled, HTML Executable will compile the file but it won't be compressed: it is stored - uncompressed - in the publication's data. You can use this option if you are going to include already-compressed files.

Use streaming-compatible compression method: HTML Executable will use a compression method that offers on-the-fly decompression at runtime, which means that data is not unpacked to memory fully but by "chunks". This allows fast access to files and is perfect for streaming audio and video files. This method is automatically chosen when file sizes are greater than 1 MB but you can also activate it manually thanks to this option.


Keep file external


When a file was compiled in the ebook publication .exe file, it needs to be unpacked in memory in order to be viewed. This operation may require a lot of time, depending on the size of the file.


To skip the decompression step, large files like media files can be kept outside the publication. When these files need to be loaded, the runtime module will automatically look for them in the folder whose path is specified and therefore the loading time will be highly decreased.


External files are not compiled and consequently they must be deployed with your publication .exe file. You will generally place them in the same folder as this .exe file, or a subfolder.

It is also possible to encrypt external files for improved data protection.


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