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Contents Bar





Adding a table of contents (TOC) to your publication or ebook provides end users with a hierarchical view of the content. Users click a topic listed in the table of contents, and are taken directly to the information they are looking for. To enable it, set Visible to true.


  To manage the items of your Table Of Contents, use the TOC editor (Application Settings => Table Of Contents).


List of properties


AutoExpand: Set `AutoExpand` to `True` to cause the selected item to expand (its children will be visible) and the unselected items to collapse.

AutoFindTopic: If `True`, the ebook / publication will always try to locate the current displayed HTML page in the TOC and make it as selected. Automatically set to `True` if a Browse Sequence is used.

CloseIfSearchPanelOpens: If `True`, the TOC is closed when the search panel is shown and vice versa. This mimics the default behavior of CHM files.

DefaultTarget: You can specify in which frame the documents should open, otherwise if you leave this property blank, the frame system will be ignored. HTML Executable-special targets may be used.

HideSelection: If `True`, the current selected node is hidden when the TOC does not hold the focus.

InitialWidth: The initial width (in pixels) of the TOC. Use this option to set the size so no horizontal scrollbar is displayed.

IsSticky: If `True`, the TOC will always remain visible. End users cannot close it (the Contents button is in this case unnecessary).

ItemHeight: By default, set to 18px (one line). If you would like your TOC to have multiline items, please increase the value.

ShowAtStartup: Displays the TOC tree at startup or not. End users can then use the Table of Contents button (see above) to display it.

ShowButtons: If `ShowButtons` is `True`, a button will appear to the left of each parent item. The user can click the button to expand or collapse the child items as an alternative to double-clicking the parent item.

ShowLines: If `ShowLines` is `True`, lines linking child nodes to their parent nodes are displayed. Nodes at the root of the hierarchy are not automatically linked. To link nodes at the root, the `ShowRoot` property must also be set to `True`.

ShowOnRightSide: If `True`, the contents bar will be displayed on the right side of the window (instead of the left one by default) and other navigation panels will be displayed on the left side.

ShowRoot: To show lines connecting top-level nodes to a single root, set the tree view's `ShowRoot` and `ShowLines` properties to `True`.

Visible: If set to `False`, the contents bar feature will be removed. Do not forget to set this crucial property to `True` if you create a TOC in the TOC editor.