Toolbar Properties

Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

The “toolbar” component displays an enhanced bar with buttons providing an easy way to quickly access the most used commands. To hide it, set Visible to false.

To configure the properties of the buttons, to add new buttons and to remove existing ones, you need to use the toolbar editor (click Edit).

List of properties

  • Align: indicates where the toolbar is displayed.

  • BorderStyle: style of panel border (you can give a 3D bevel to your toolbar).

  • ButtonAlign: you can align all toolbar buttons from left to right (LTR), or from right to left (RTL). Useful if your publication’s main language is RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, or Urdu, just to name a few…).

  • ButtonHeight: you can set the height in pixels for the toolbar buttons. By default the height is set to 48 pixels. All buttons have the same height (including custom ones). This property is only used if SkinDataName is set to “resizetoolpanel” instead of “bigtoolpanel”, and “resizetoolbutton” instead “bigtoolbutton” for each toolbar button.

  • ButtonWidth: you can set the width in pixels for the toolbar buttons. By default the width is set to 65 pixels. All buttons generally have the same width (including custom ones), but it is possible to define a custom width thanks to the Toolbar editor.

  • LogoBitmap: if you wish to display your own logo on the toolbar, just select the bitmap to be shown. Please consider a 50x50-sized bitmap. Click the button on the right to open the Bitmap editor, allowing you to select a bitmap or remove it.

  • PNGSize: indicates the dimension in pixels of the PNG images used for toolbar buttons. All glyphs in PNG format used by toolbar buttons must have the same height and width, and equal to the value of PNGSize. By default, this value is set to 24.

  • SkinDataName: skin identifier used by the skin engine to draw the toolbar. Should either be “resizetoolpanel” or “bigtoolpanel”, depending on whether you want to use a custom height for the toolbar and its buttons, or the default one.

  • Transparent: if True then the tool bar will have an alpha-blend effect.

  • TransparentValue: value of alpha blending (0..255) for the tool bar.

  • Visible: if set to false, the tool bar is removed.

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