Status Bar for your Ebook

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Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

The “status bar” component displays a panel at the bottom of the main window. It displays information for your end users, in a similar way to Web browsers. When an end user moves the cursor on a hyperlink, the URL may appear in the status bar. To hide the status bar, set Visible to false.

List of properties

  • AutoShowURLs: determines whether the publication should display the URL of a link which is under the mouse pointer. Set it to False if you want to keep your internal URLs secret.

  • DefaultText: the text to be displayed by default when no other information needs to be indicated. Only for HTML Viewer publications.

  • MinFileSizeForProgressIndic: when your ebook is unpacking a large file, the status bar can show a small waiting animation in order to inform the end user that the program has not frozen. This property lets you choose the minimum of the file size necessary to display the animation.

  • SkinDataName: internal use only at this time. Do not change the value.

  • TextAlign: specifies how text is aligned within the panel.

  • Transparent: if True then the status bar will have an alpha-blend effect.

  • TransparentValue: value of alphablending (0..255) for the status bar.

  • Visible: if set to false, the status bar is removed.


  1. It is recommended that a status bar be included in your publications.
  2. Status bars for IE browser publications also have additional options that you can set in the IE browser options.

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