Security Profiles - Conditions

Applies to Security Profiles.

Each security profile has an “Always” condition. This means that the actions associated with that condition are always executed.

When you add a new condition, the following window appears:


Select the kind of condition you want to create, fill in the fields (when required) and press OK to continue.

WARNING: the Trial and Registered modes + “following certificate(s) active” options are only supported if you create a restricted publication.

The “following certificate(s) is/are active” condition allows you to make different registered editions of your publication. For example, you could lock some HTML pages or PDF documents if the current certificate is the “Default” one (in this case, you know that the publication is not registered). Moreover you can go further by making one certificate per edition, each certificate unlocking a given number of pages.

When this option is active, use the list to indicate which certificate(s) should be checked. Use the checkboxes to select/unselect certificates.

About certificates

The best way to create a new condition is to use an HEScript Boolean function. A Boolean function returns True or False, so this is enough to create a new condition. If the HEScript Boolean function returns true, then the associated actions will be executed.

Creating an HEScript script

If you prefer to work with publication global variables, you can use the third option. In this case, you must enter the global variable’s name and the value the latter should have to consider the condition to be fulfilled. This is not case-sensitive.

Working with global variables

IMPORTANT: please keep in mind that a condition cannot be edited once it has been created. If you want to modify an existing condition, you will first need to delete it and create it again.

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