About Publication Types

HTML Executable is currently the sole HTML compiler that creates three types of publications or ebooks: Self-Extracting, WebBrowser (Internet Explorer) publications (IE publications) and Stand-alone HTML Viewer. Each one responds to specific needs: when starting a new project, you are prompted to select the kind of publication you want to create.

Which type of publication should I choose?

It actually depends on the features and the security level you need for your publication and compiled files.

If you wish to archive a website, package it up for distribution, you can use a Self-Extracting publication. Otherwise, if you plan to create a secure ebook or a full-featured application from your website, if you wish to hide your HTML code from the eyes of your end users, or if you want to get rid of Web browsers, a stand-alone HTML Viewer publication may probably be a better choice.

If you want to compile a website with JavaScript support, use an IE publication.

Keep in mind that, once you have started a new project, you cannot change the type of publication anymore!

Publication Comparison Matrix

The following matrix shows you the main differences between the three types of publications. For further information about each one, click on the related “More information” link.

Self-ExtractingWebBrowser / IEStand-alone HTML Viewer
More information topic(click here)(click here)(click here)
Single executable file (your publication is a real executable file that you distribute to your users)YesYesYes
Requires an external Web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera…)YesNo. Under unsupported Windows 9x: requires Internet Explorer 4.0+ (not necessarily set as default browser).No. The publication has its own built-in HTML Viewer.
Support for standard HTML 4, pictures, sounds, animated GIFs, Cascading Style Sheet…YesYesYes
Support for HTML 5 / CSS 3Yes if the end user’s browser supports it.Yes, starting from Windows 7 (or IE9 and higher installed).No
Support for JavaScriptYesYesNo (use HEScript instead)
Support for Java appletsYesYes, but requires changes to HTML source code (more info)No
Adobe Flash support (requires Adobe Player Player)YesYesYes
Adobe Flash video (FLV) support (requires Adobe Player Player)YesYesYes, may require change to HTML source code
Display of PDF documentsRequires Adobe ReaderYes, built-in viewerYes, built-in viewer
Adobe Shockwave support (.DCR files) (requires Adobe Shockwave Player)YesYes, partiallyNo
Other ActiveX controlsYesPartially (experimental feature)Partially (experimental feature)
Sources files (HTML, graphic…) need to be unpacked to hard diskYesNoNo
JavaScript files need to be unpacked to hard diskYesNoUnsupported
HTML source code can be accessedYesNoNo
Context menu (and the Show source code command) can be disabledNoYesYes
Password/page protectionAt startup, a password may be prompted.YesYes
Advanced security options for HTML pages (copy/print/select/restricted access…)NoYesYes
HTML printing and print preview supportYesYesYes
The browser’s user interface (GUI) can be customized.No, only startup dialogs.YesYes
Support for skinsNoYesYes
Custom menu bar, toolbar and taskbar (own items)NoYesYes
Search engineNoYesYes
Table of ContentsNoYesYes
Favorite managerNoYesYes
Kiosk modePartiallyYesYes
Strong file compressionYesYesYes
Can create restricted, trial (users need to register your publication after a specific number of days/runs) and hardware-locked publicationsNoYesYes
Localization (translation into different languages)YesYesYes
Is a runtime module required?NoNo if you create a stand-alone executable file. Yes otherwise.No if you create a stand-alone executable file. Yes otherwise.
Possibility to change the version information and icon of the .exe fileYesYesYes
Digitally sign publication .exe files with Authenticode.YesYesYes

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