Use a portable web browser

Applies to Self-Extracting publications.

Self-Extracting publications can work with a portable web browser that you ship with them. Popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome have portable editions, and you can use them with your Self-Extracting publication. This topic will tell you how to proceed.

Configuration Steps

First, you need to obtain the distribution of a portable web browser. For instance, you can download Google Chrome Portable at or Firefox portable at

Unpack the entire distribution to a subfolder located in the folder where your publication EXE file is located.

For example, if the Output Path of your publication EXE file is c:\my documents\htmlexe portablepub1.exe, the distribution can be unpacked to a folder whose path is: C:\my documents\htmlexe GoogleChromePortable

In HTML Executable, open your SFX publication project and choose Application Settings => Web Browser. Then, enable “Use a portable web browser whose relative path is”.

You must indicate the path to the portable web browser’s executable file in the field that follows. The path must be relative to the folder where the publication EXE file is located.

  • For Google Chrome, it should be: GoogleChromePortable\GoogleChromePortable.exe

  • For Firefox portable, FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe


When you deploy your publication, do not forget to ship the entire subfolder that contains the distribution of the portable web browser.

If you would like to create one single EXE that contains everything, you can consider our Paquet Builder program.

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