Menu Button for your ebook

Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

The “Menu Button” component displays a top-left App Menu Button that should replace the menu bar. It lets your end users access various commands such as page printing, navigation tools or help information of your ebook.


On the screenshot above, the app menu button is named “PDF Demo”. This can be changed thanks to the MenuButtonCaption property below.

To enable/disable the menu button, set MenuButtonVisible to false.

IMPORTANT: some skins DO NOT support displaying the menu button, so even if MenuButtonVisible is set to true, the menu button will not be rendered. This is not a bug but a lack of the skin you selected.

You can add your own menu items to the menu displayed by the App Menu button thanks to the menu editor (click Edit).

List of properties:

  • MenuButtonCaption: text to be displayed on the app menu button.

  • MenuButtonWidth: width of the app menu button in pixels.

  • MenuButtonVisible: if set to false, the app menu button will be removed.

  • ShowEditionItems: show/hide the Edition menu items allowing end users to select and copy parts of your HTML text.

  • ShowNavigateItems: show/hide the “Navigate” menu items allowing end users to get the standard navigation commands like Previous Page, Forward Page, Go to homepage…

  • ShowPrintItems: show/hide the “Print” menu command allowing end users to print the current document.

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