Menu Bar Properties

Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

The “menu bar” component displays the standard GUI menus at the top side of the main window. It lets your end users access various commands such as page printing, navigation tools or help information of your ebook.

To hide the menu bar, set Visible to false.

You can add your own menu items to the menu bar thanks to the menu editor (click Edit).

List of properties:

  • AnimatedMenus: if True then menus have fade effect.

  • MenusTransparent: if True then skin menus of the main window will have alpha-blend effect.

  • MenusTransparentValue: value of alpha blending (0..255).

  • NoFavorites: if True, the publication will not manage any user favorites. The Favorites panel is not included nor the Favorites button.

  • ShowEdition: show/hide the Edition menu allowing end users to select and copy parts of your HTML text.

  • ShowFileMenu: show/hide the File menu allowing end users to print pages or exit the publication.

  • ShowHelp: show/hide the Help menu allowing end users to see the About box or contact information.

  • ShowNavigate: show/hide the “Navigate” menu command allowing end users to get the standard navigation commands like Previous Page, Forward Page, Go to homepage…

  • ShowWebHomepage: show/hide the “Web homepage” menu command allowing end users to go to your website. Please fill in the WebHomepageURL property too.

  • SkinDataName: internal use only at this time. Do not change the value.

  • Transparent: if True then the menu bar will have an alpha-blend effect.

  • TransparentValue: value of alphablending (0..255) for the menu bar.

  • Visible: if set to false, the menu bar will be removed.

  • WebHomepageURL: the URL to your homepage on the Internet. Example:

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