Trial - How to Create Keys

When a user buys a copy of your publication or ebook, you have to send him a key that allows him to upgrade to another certificate than the default one (so he can access the registered version).

Create keys manually with HTML Executable

Registration keys can be created by clicking the Make Key button in the Security => Certificates page, by directly clicking the Key Generator button in the Security tab, or by pressing CTRL+K.

The Key Generator will ask you to enter the user’s name, optionally his/her company’s name and the user’s system ID (for hardware-locked keys). Then press Generate: the registration code will appear. Press Copy to clipboard or Save As to save the registration code to a text file: you can then send this text file or registration code to your end user, with additional instructions if you want (it’s up to you).

Data is saved in UTF-8 format.

To make shorter registration keys, enable “Use short 10-digit keys instead of normal ones” in Certificates page.

Licensing of portable publications

Portable publications use a license file to store registration information. HTML Executable can generate this license file directly in the same folder as the publication EXE file: press Generate License File. If you use hardware-locked keys, HTML Executable will automatically determine the system ID (useful for a USB stick for instance) or you can press Retrieve to get the system ID immediately from the disk on which the publication EXE file is created. Note that some disks or USB sticks do not have a manufacturer serial number. In order to find out whether this is the case or not, you can use the Disk Info button.

Learn more about how to lock a publication to a given USB drive

The source code for the key generator is freely available to registered users of the Professional/Commercial editions (see your registration notice).

Create keys without HTML Executable manually or in mass

A stand-alone portable key generator is available to registered users of the Professional/Commercial editions. You can retrieve it in the User Account page.

We offer scripts (php, C#, Pascal, VB and VBA scripts) that let you generate keys for your publications online on a web server. You could integrate these script functions in your own registration system. Scripts are also available to registered users of the Professional/Commercial editions: you can find them in the User Account page.

If you have a subscription to Protect Ebook .net, you can generate registration keys with the Protect Ebook .net client.

We provide PayPal users with a full PayPal kit (detailed tutorial and php source code) to generate and deliver registration keys by email instantly after a completed payment. Hardware-locked keys are supported too.

If you want to verify the integrity of an uninstall confirmation code (deactivation feature), use the dedicated function shipped in the key generator scripts (please refer to the script’s documentation) or in the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

How to deliver keys for restricted publications online after payment

We have an online simulation that shows you:

  • how to deliver registration keys to customers immediately after orders.

  • how you can prevent end users from sharing full versions of your ebooks on the web by using hardware-locked registration keys.

This simulation is based on our key generator php script as described above.

You can see the working sample here

Alternatively, you can use the online activation feature if you have the HTML Executable Activation Kit or a subscription to Protect Ebook .net.

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