Main Window

Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

A compiled ebook or publication has different windows or dialog boxes displayed to the end user. You can configure several options related to these windows.

The main window lets your end users navigate through your ebook, and it displays the HTML pages of your website. You can customize its appearance with the options of this tab.

Window Caption

Enter the text that should appear on the window’s title bar (it only appears on the title bar: it does not affect the publication title which is displayed in the Windows taskbar or task manager). You can also display the title of the current HTML document using the %DOCTITLE% variable.

For example, “My first publication - %DOCTITLE%” would become “My publication - Contents Page” if the HTML page had its title set to “Contents Page”.

State of the main window

  • Display a standard window: creates a window with the default size.

  • Display a maximized window: the window will be maximized, filling the screen. Some additional options for maximized windows are also available below.

  • Display a custom-sized window: if you wish to define the size of the window yourself, enter the default width and height in the different fields. You may also click the Auto-Sizer button: it will display a small window that you can resize as you want, then HTML Executable will automatically set the main window’s height and width according to the size you have chosen.

Allow end users to resize the window

This option determines whether end users may resize the publication’s main window or not. Disabling this option is generally not recommended.

Enable Maximize Window button

This option lets you add or remove the standard Maximize button of the window. Useful if you already set the window to maximized and do not want it to be switched to the normal state.

Maximize on Full Screen

This option indicates whether the main window should fill the entire screen, including the Windows taskbar. If enabled, the task bar will be hidden by the window when it is maximized. Useful for a kiosk mode.

Windows stay on top

This option indicates whether the main window remains on top of the desktop and of other windows (except ones defined with the same style in other applications).

Save user-defined window position

If turned on, the publication will save the window’s size and position as it was decided by the user. The next time the publication is run, it will use the size and position it saved instead of the initial ones. This option is highly recommended. If you turned it off, the publication would always use the initial settings you set. If you wish to only save the size, then you can also turn on the “Always center the window” option.

If this option is not enabled, then the main window will appear centered in the screen.

Always center the window

This option centers the main window on the screen when the publication is loaded; it overrides any user-defined window position that could be saved from a previous instance.

No DPI aware flag: use Windows dpi scaling

By default, HTML Executable publications are dpi-aware: this means they adjust user interface elements to scale appropriately to the system dpi and can work properly on high DPI screens.

However, your website or HTML documents may not be ready for high DPI screens. In that case, the No DPI aware flag option lets you use the automatic dpi scaling provided by Windows as a workaround.

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