Getting Started

What HTML Executable basically does

HTML Executable builds Windows software applications by embedding any website into a custom web browser. The resulting application acts as a normal web browser: the end user browses your website as if he was using his web browser, except that no internet connection, nor web server is required. Moreover, source files like HTML pages or JavaScript files are never accessible to the end user, so he can’t copy them.

In HTML Executable, a “publication” or “ebook” means a compiled website. We will therefore use these words to designate the application running your website and created by you with HTML Executable.

HTML Executable uses ribbons: all related features are grouped into pages belonging to one of the five following ribbons or tabs: File Manager, Application Settings, Application Behavior, Security and Application Output.

  • Under “File Manager” you can manage files that will be compiled into your ebook / publication. It works like Windows Explorer with a tree displaying the different folders on the left and on the right the files inside the selected folder. You can add/remove/edit files and configure their properties.

  • The “Application Settings”, “Application Behavior”, “Security“ ribbons are the heart of HTML Executable: they contain all of the features that let you customize the behavior and appearance of your ebook.

  • Finally with the “Application Output“ ribbon, you can access the options related to the way HTML Executable will output the publication .exe file.

To navigate between the ribbons, click on the desired tab at the top of the main window.

Standard and additional commands such as Load/Save Project and Build options are available by clicking the Application Menu button:

Shortcuts are available in the window’s bar: New Project, Load Project, Save Project, Compile Publication, Run Publication.

Please note that some of the options may be visible or not, depending on the type of project you are working on.

Starting your first project

Each time you open HTML Executable, it displays the welcome page where you can decide to create a new project or load an existing one.

At any time, if you have questions, do not hesitate to see the FAQ section, this documentation, the website, or post your questions to the user forum where you can share your feedback.

Always begin a new publication by creating a project; HTML Executable actually supports creating up to 3 different types of publications! Learn more about publication types.

You can also start a new project by importing an HTML Help file (.chm) using the free CHM To Exe add-on: select “File|Convert HTML Help…” in HTML Executable.

Or if you have an ebook in EPUB format, use our free add-on EPub to APP to import it in HTML Executable.

See a video tutorial online about making ebooks from PDF files with HTML Executable

Creating a project

Frequently Asked Questions

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