Distributing Publications

HTML Executable generates single executable files ready for delivery. You just need to distribute the publication .exe file to your users/customers.

But after having built your publication, you may also want to distribute it over:

  • the Internet: you may want to package your compiled publication into a Setup program. Setup programs are interesting because they can install several publications (and even runtime modules if necessary), additional files like readme; create shortcuts in program groups, and offer an uninstaller to let end users remove any trace of your publication from their computer.

  • a CD/DVD medium: you may want your publication to be automatically run when an end user inserts your CD/DVD into his/her drive.

When a publication is created, you can use the menu command: “Tools/Distribute Publication”. You will have the choice between Generate a Setup package and Generate an AUTORUN.INF for CD.

Generate a Setup package

HTML Executable uses our software program Paquet Builder 3 to generate custom and compact Setup programs for publications. It must be installed on your computer before you can use this feature.

Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip Self-Extracting archive maker and a Setup routine generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, you can create flexible and compact self-extractors for professional file and software delivery. Package up any document or program files, visually construct simple or sophisticated multilanguage distribution and installation packages; generate updates and patches; wrap multimedia presentations or several Windows Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for delivery over the Internet.

More information about Paquet Builder at https://www.installpackbuilder.com

How does it work?

You will get a window with these fields:


HTML Executable will create a default project for Paquet Builder: you can then edit this project with the program and of course compile it to create the Setup package.

First, you need to fill in the three fields Destination Path, Setup Title and Your Application Name: “Destination Path” is the default folder where you want your publication to be installed, “Setup Title” is the title that will appear on all Setup windows, and the last one is obvious.

Secondly, press Generate to create the project. HTML Executable will then launch Paquet Builder to let you modify the new project.

Generate AUTORUN.INF for CD

About these INF files

This add-on lets you create AUTORUN.INF files. Autorun.inf files contain instructions for Windows that are read when an end user inserts a CDROM which has this file in its root directory (and Autoplay is set to true on his computer). These files themselves can automatically start installation programs on the CDROM, multimedia presentations, menu browsers or whatever on the CDROM (a feature you will know well from Office CDROMs, advertising CDROMs etc.)…

HTML Executable can create such a file for you.

How does it work?

You will get a window with these fields:


All of the required files are copied to a folder called the Root folder (not the same as for your publication). This root folder is actually what you will need to burn onto your final CD. The Icon file optionally specifies the icon to represent your CD in Windows Explorer.

When you have specified the Root folder, click Generate. The AUTORUN.INF file will be created in the root folder and Windows Explorer will be opened to let you browse the content of the root folder. Then just burn that content onto the CD.

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