Context Menu for your Ebook

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Applies to HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

The “context menu” component controls the menu that pops up when clicking with the right-hand mouse button. It gives end users of your ebook access to the most-used commands.

You can add your own menu items to the context menu thanks to the menu editor (click Edit).

List of properties

  • ShowEditionItems: set it to False to remove commands like “Copy to …” and “Paste” from the context menu.

  • ShowFavoriteItem: set it to False to remove the “Add to Favorite” item. To completely disable favorites in your publication, use the NoFavorites command of the Menu bar (see above).

  • ShowNavigateItems: set it to False to remove commands like “Back”, “Forward”, “Go Top” from the context menu.

  • ShowPrintItem: set it to False to remove the “Print page” item from the context menu (this property does not remove the Print option of the File menu). To disable the entire print function, use Security Profiles.


If you turn all of the properties to False (and no custom item is available), the context menu will always be disabled (unless you allow other context menus with the IE Browser Properties).

To disable the context menu, you can also use Security Profiles instead of turning off all of the properties. Moreover, specific commands (like copy to clipboard) can be disabled with Security Profiles too.

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