Cloning a project

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If you would like to compile a website using the settings of an existing project, this is possible thanks to the Clone Project feature of HTML Executable.

Normally when a project is started, you cannot change the source folder. The Clone Project feature allows you to define a new source folder by selecting a new index page. You may also use this feature if you would like to move your files to another directory (remember that paths are absolute in HTML Executable).

You can access this feature by clicking and selecting the menu command “Clone Project”.

Steps to clone a project

  1. Open the project file that you would like to clone.
  2. Use the “ and Clone Project” menu command. A window will appear with some instructions: click Continue.
  3. You are prompted to select the new index page. This works exactly as if you were starting a new project: select the HTML file that will be used as the index page of your new cloned publication. The folder containing this page will also become the new source folder.
  4. The next dialog asks you to enter the filename of the new project.
  5. HTML Executable then starts a new project, uses the settings of the previously-loaded project and scans the new source folder. When everything is done, the project file is saved and then reloaded to clean up the memory.

This feature requires you to make some additional modifications: since the file list of the original project is not kept, some links to these files used in some options like the Table of Contents may be consequently corrupted. You need to fix them manually.

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