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To allow an end user to upgrade to a certificate other than the default one, you either need to distribute a registration key to him/her or offer online activation. A key allows the associated user to activate a given certificate and unlock its features (these features can be configured with security profiles). Online activation actually downloads the key from a remote server.

HTML Executable offers two activation methods to activate a certificate. To choose a method, go to the Certificate Manager, double-click on a certificate and choose the “Activation Properties” tab as shown below:

activation method

Registration Key

End users need a registration key in order to unlock a registered certificate.

After purchase, you generate a registration key for the user directly with HTML Executable (with the Make Key button in the Certificate Manager) or with a key generator script, and you provide this registration key to your user.

HTML Executable provides you with several tools to create registration keys for your ebooks, automated or manually.

The user starts your program: the nag screen is displayed at startup and lets the user enter his registration key as shown below:

enter registration key

After verification, a confirmation message is displayed, the registration key is stored and the corresponding certificate is activated: the ebook is now registered.

To work with shorter registration keys, refer to the option named “Use short 10-digit keys instead of normal ones”.

About hardware-locked keys

Besides, you can create hardware-locked keys: to prevent end users from distributing their key to others or to avoid fraudulent purchases, you can configure the certificate to work with hardware-locked keys.

If you enable this option, your users must also give you their system ID when they place their order. This system ID is automatically displayed on the nag screen/unlock screen where end users must enter their key. When generating the key for the end user, you have to enter his system ID in the Key Generator or provide it to the key generator script too.

See also: How to make keys and how to deliver keys online instantly with PayPal

Online Activation

This method lets you control who can run your ebook and on which computer. It requires a remote server with the HTML Executable Activation Kit installed on it, or an active account with Protect Ebook .net. Registration information is directly downloaded from the server by the publication.

See how online activation works

You have to provide the URL to the activation kit installed on your server. For instance, if you installed the activation kit in a subfolder named “activation”, the URL will be

Secure connection thanks to TLS/SSL is supported by HTML Executable publications, you can use URLs that begin with https://

Finally, some users may not have an active Internet connection. If you wish to allow manual registration, enable the option. This manual method works exactly like for registration keys above. In that case, you must be prepared to accept requests from these users without any Internet connection.

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Deactivating a certificate

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