Make A Test

Create a record for the user in the database and send him registration details

We added the following user in the database with "Add a new user":

We can email the user his registration details for our publication, for instance:

Thank you for your registration!
You can now activate your registered edition. Please start the program, choose:
"I have a registration key and I want to unlock the program". Click Continue.
In Registration Key, enter your email address: info AT and click Activate.
IMPORTANT: an active Internet connection is required.

Please allow outgoing connections if you use a custom firewall.
No other private personal information is sent to our server.


The end user who received our email starts our publication:

He clicks Continue and enters the registration key:

By clicking Activate, the program connects to your server and retrieves data as explained here.

In our case, it worked fine:



Note that activation failures are generally not due to the activation kit itself:

  • firewall or antispyware programs may block outgoing connections.
  • verify that your server is responding.
  • verify that the user does not use a proxy otherwise he should configure it with the "Network Settings" button.

We recommend you to enable the "Manual Activation" feature in HTML Executable.

img Customize the scripts, add users with custom scripts


This is the online documentation of the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

About this Activation Kit

HTML Executable is an ebook compiler that lets you build secure ebooks with your websites, HTML or PDF documents. The generated ebooks can work with online activation: you can create trial or restricted versions of your ebooks, and offer them for public downloads. After purchase, customers can activate their ebook thanks to an activation code on a given number of computers only. Moreover, you can control who may read your ebook, block access at any time and authorize refunds to your customers. Everything is automated thanks to this activation kit.

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