Customize the scripts, add users with custom scripts

About the script files called by the publication

The publication calls the following PHP script files:

  • heactivate.php: for activation.
  • hedeactiv.php: for deactivation.
  • hevalid.php: for validation.

These scripts contain some comments. You should not modify what they return to the publication.

Customize the administration panel

The administration panel can be improved the way you want. It especially uses the powerful management and database features of the Flourish library.

Add users automatically

In the "admin" subfolder, you can find a script template called remoteadduser.php.

This PHP script is a simple example about how to add a user to the database automatically. It can be used for an automated process in an ecommerce service like FastSpring, share-it!...
You can extend it with automated email, etc...

It contains a function called addusertodatabase with several parameters:
$name: full user name;
$company: optional company name;
$certificate: the certificate ID of the registered certificate that should be activated;
$email: the email of the user;
$comments: optional comments (indicate only).

It returns an activation key that should be given to the user. This activation key is entered by the user
into the publication to activate it.
This key is actually used to identify the user's record in the database.


This is the online documentation of the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

About this Activation Kit

HTML Executable is an ebook compiler that lets you build secure ebooks with your websites, HTML or PDF documents. The generated ebooks can work with online activation: you can create trial or restricted versions of your ebooks, and offer them for public downloads. After purchase, customers can activate their ebook thanks to an activation code on a given number of computers only. Moreover, you can control who may read your ebook, block access at any time and authorize refunds to your customers. Everything is automated thanks to this activation kit.

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