Step 3: configure the mandatory settings

Modify the "config.php" file

1) Navigate to the "inc" subfolder (heakdist/admin/inc) and edit the config.php file stored on your server.

Note: ensure that the config.php file can only be accessed from other scripts (normally you have a .htaccess that prevents end users from accessing files in the inc folder) because this file contains sensitive data.

This is the beginning of the config.php file:


// Should be left unchanged unless you know what you do

define('DOC_ROOT', realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../'));

define('URL_ROOT', str_replace('\\', '/', substr(DOC_ROOT, strlen(realpath($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'])))));

// Global database parameters that you must configure:

$dbhost = "localhost"; // Database settings on your remote host. Port can be specified too, e.g. hostname:8080 

$dbname = "heak"; // Database name associated to the publication.

$dbuser = "root"; // Database login info.

$dbpass = "password";

// Administrator log in:

$adminname = "admin"; 

$adminpass = "admin"; 

/* SECURITY: be sure to use your own password. If you know php, you should also use the encryption features from the Flourish php library, like fCryptography::checkPasswordHash (edit the login.php file).




/* // Comment the previous lines and uncomment the three following lines if you want to enable error logging.

error_reporting(E_STRICT | E_ALL);




// Replace with your local timezone:


/* Do not modify below this line */

2) Change the values of the $db* variables to the appropriate ones from your hosting provider. In our tutorial, $dbname should be changed from "heak" to "myheak".

3) Choose a name and password for the administration panel. Of course, do not keep the default values: $adminname and $adminpass should be customized.

4) Modify your timezone to the appropriate value: a list of available timezones are in the PHP's manual at

5) Save modifications to the config.php file.

img Step 4: set up activation settings for a given publication on the server


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