Step 4: set up activation settings for a given publication on the server

Each publication should have its own dedicated folder (and URL) on your server. The "publication1" folder should be considered as a template. For instance, if you want to add activation support for a new publication, just copy the entire contents of "publication1" to another folder named "publication2" (or what you want).

1) Copy the contents from "publication1" to another subfolder in the same parent folder (heakdist). For instance, in this tutorial, it will be "publication2".


2) Navigate to the new subfolder and edit the configuration file.

This is the beginning of the file:


/* Configuration settings file for a given publication.


HTML Executable Activation Kit

Copyright G.D.G. Software 2009. All rights reserved.

Redistribution of this code is stricly prohibited.


// Publication GUID (available in the Output Filename tab).

// Brackets {} must be included.

$pubid = "{8D74E5E8-0756-4723-AA65-300BAB9EA478}";

// Default maximum number of activations permitted.

// Used to verify that deactivations do not restore more than permitted activations.

$defactnummax = 3;

// Optional additional message to display in case of successful activation.

$successmsg = "";

// Path to the Admin interface. Currently set as admin, but you should use a unique name for the folder

// Thus nobody should be able to guess the path to your administration system.

define('ADMIN_ROOT', 'admin');


2) Change the value of the $pubid variable to the GUID of your publication. The GUID of your publication can be found in HTML Executable by going to "Application Output" > "Output Settings":


3) Optional: you can add a custom message to your users when they activate your publication with the $successmsg variable.

4) If you renamed the "admin" folder as recommended here, change 'admin' in define('ADMIN_ROOT', 'admin'); into the name of the subfolder you chose.

5) Save changes made to

img Step 5: configure your publication with HTML Executable


This is the online documentation of the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

About this Activation Kit

HTML Executable is an ebook compiler that lets you build secure ebooks with your websites, HTML or PDF documents. The generated ebooks can work with online activation: you can create trial or restricted versions of your ebooks, and offer them for public downloads. After purchase, customers can activate their ebook thanks to an activation code on a given number of computers only. Moreover, you can control who may read your ebook, block access at any time and authorize refunds to your customers. Everything is automated thanks to this activation kit.

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