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How to upgrade to HTML Executable 4

HTML Executable 4 was a major release with plenty of new features and enhancements as you can see in the change log.

Upgrade Conditions

Upgrade to HTML Executable 4 is available for free if you bought a license after March 2010.
Otherwise, you will be required to buy the upgrade if you want to use HTML Executable 4.

We have special upgrade offers for existing registered users that let you save 50% on the regular price.

Steps to upgrade

All email messages with upgrade instructions were sent to registered users.

If you are entitled for the free upgrade, please check your email to get your login information for our new account page at http://www.htmlexe.com/account

Otherwise, if you want to purchase the upgrade immediately, please go to the user control panel of HTML Executable 3.6. For security reasons, the link to this control panel is not published here: you can find the link to the panel in the registration notice you received.
As soon as your order is placed with our resellers, your account will be instantly created and you will be able to activate HTML Executable 4.

All upgrades give you a free 4-month maintenance.

If you have lost your registration details

You can contact the support team if you have lost your registration details. Be sure to provide enough information so we can identify you.