Loading Screen

Applies to Self-Extracting, HTML Viewer, IE Browser publications.

During their initialization state, ebooks and publications can show a splash screen (an image shortly displayed at the beginning) and/or a “Please wait…” dialog box. The splash screen is useful if you wish to display your company’s logo or something related to your publication’s contents, while the dialog box informs your end users that the publication is being started.

Because the initialization phase can take some seconds on old computers, this dialog box informs your end users that the publication is loading and prevents them from immediately trying to launch the publication again. The dialog box can also display a progress indicator.


To enable the splash screen, just specify the image file to be used for the splash screen (absolute path) and set how long it should be displayed (generally 3-4 seconds). You can also allow end users to close the splash screen by clicking it (recommended).

The following image formats are allowed for the splash screen: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIF. Exception: SFX publications only accept JPEG format.

HTML Executable can display non-rectangular alpha-blended (semi-transparent) splash screens if you use 32-bit PNG files. This can give a unique look to your ebook. For instance, the Main Demonstration that ships with HTML Executable displays such a splash screen.

The “Please wait…” dialog box displays the text of your choice, something like “Loading publication, please wait…”. To change the text displayed, use the Localization tab and modify this resource string: SLoadingPublication.

If you do not want to display this dialog box, then enable “No initialization dialog at startup”.


  1. a Self-Extracting publication will actually display your splash screen during the file extraction process (optionally with the progress meter) while other publication types display it immediately at startup. So for SFX publications, there is no option to set up the display delay, i.e. the splash screen will be shown until the last file has been extracted.

  2. please try to use small splash screens: large splash screens may take longer to draw because in some cases, data needs first to be decompressed (like for PNG or JPEG).

  3. the splash screen file is not stored in the project file. It should be available as an external file when the publication is being compiled. Path variables like [PROJECTPATH] are allowed.

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