Main Window (SFX)

Applies to Self-Extracting publications.

The main dialog box is the first dialog displayed to your end users before the file extraction begins. You can customize its appearance with the options of this tab. The main dialog box allows end users to start viewing your publication or ebook, exit and display an about message.

Main Text

Please use this text box to enter the text which will appear on this main dialog box. It should be a description of your publication like “This will display My Publication./§ Press Start to continue it or Cancel to exit.”. If you don’t enter a custom text, this dialog box will be disabled even if you specify an About message.

Note: to put a carriage-return-line-feed between “Line 1” and “Line 2”, use /$, like Line1/$Line2.

The image displayed on the main dialog box is the EXE icon that you can customize.

About Message

It allows you to specify the text for the message box that will be displayed when end users click on the About button. This will usually consist of a multiple line copyright message, however you are not restricted in what you can display.

Readme text

Your publication can display a Readme dialog box: for example, you can give instructions to your end users about what they will find in your publication, what is required to view it (such as a specific browser version or screen resolution…), or just show your contact information.

The Readme dialog box supports Rich Text.

  • To modify the contents of the text field, press the Edit button and the Rich Text Pad editor will be opened. Rich Text Pad is a nice and useful rich text editor (it works like Wordpad). You can create new texts or load existing RTF files.

  • To clear the text, press Clear.

The dialog box is displayed only if the field is not blank.

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