File Options

Applies to Self-Extracting publications.

This tab allows you to display a progress monitor during the file extraction. You can determine its appearance with the following options.

Status text

In this field you have to enter the text you would like to show on the progress monitor. It should indicate what it is happening. For example you can use “Please wait while my publication is being initialized…”.

Silent Extraction:

If you enable this feature, the progress dialog box will be hidden and the extraction will be processed silently.

You can also display a splash screen during the file extraction.

Temporary folder name

SFX publications always unpack their website source files to a temporary folder before the web browser is executed to display the website.

The temporary folder is a subfolder of the user local temporary folder provided by Windows. The name of this subfolder is randomly chosen (using the Windows API) and there is no way to predict this name. Moreover this name is generally never the same.

For some reason, you may want to have the same name for this subfolder each time the publication is run. In other words, the publication will always extract its files to the same subfolder (still temporarily because when the browser is closed by users, the temporary folder is deleted). In this case, you have to give a name to the subfolder. Be sure to specify a unique name that would not be used by other publications.

This option may be useful if you need to know the name of the location where source files are temporarily unpacked, or if the web browser has a special way to cache files.

Generally it is better to use a different name each time.

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