How do I create an ebook in kiosk mode?

Publications and ebooks made with HTML Executable easily support the famous kiosk mode function. When a browser runs in kiosk mode, the window is maximized and there is no title bar.

To simulate a kiosk mode, go to Application Settings

In the Main Window page, turn the following options on:

  1. Display a maximized window (in state of the main window).
  2. Maximize on Full Screen (hides task bar)

In the Skin Properties page, turn the following options on:

  1. Create a window with no title bar
  2. Hide Caption Buttons

If you want to remove the menu bar too, go to Visual Controls, choose Menu Bar and uncheck the Visible property.

Warning: you should inform end users that they can still close your program by pressing ALT+F4.

NB: there is no way to disable the kiosk mode: if the publication starts in kiosk mode, it will always remain in that state.

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