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CHM To Exe - Command Line Options

CHM To Exe supports command line options, you can then use it in batch processing.


CHMTOEXE.EXE /chm:"path to .CHM" other switches...

Note: use quotes when paths contains spaces such as ”C:\Program Files”.


  • /chm:“path” = full path to the HTML Help file, including the .CHM extension.
  • /p:“path” = full path to the output project file, including the .HEPX extension.
  • /d:“path” = full path to the folder where the source files will be unpacked to.
  • /o:“path” = full path to the output EXE file, that will be created by HTML Executable, including the .EXE extension.
  • /t:“path” = full path to the template HEPX file.
  • /charset:“value” = value of the character set for the TOC conversion.
  • /notoc:on/off = convert the TOC or not.
  • /start = start the CHM to EXE conversion, extract source files and create an HTML Executable project file.
  • /terminate = terminate CHM to EXE after conversion.


CHMTOEXE.EXE /chm:"D:\My Documents\chm demo\myhelp.chm" /o:"D:\my documents\Tests\sortie.exe" /start /terminate
CHMTOEXE.EXE /chm:"D:\My Documents\chm demo\myhelp.chm" /t:"D:\My Documents\chm demo\mytemplate.hepx"

You can also use HTML Executable directive files for batch processing in order to customize and compile your resulting .hep project file.

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