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Create secure ebooks and desktop applications from your websites, HTML or PDF documents

"This program goes far beyond making simple eBooks and was worth every penny I spent on it"

Michael Hanson - Read more client testimonials

course and e-learning protection

Convert your e-learning courses and presentations into secure applications


Protect your ebook content and control who uses your ebooks

Deploy Ebooks

Easily deliver websites, ebooks to customers

Just one EXE instead of multiple files and folders

Keep Websites Functional

Use recent Web Technologies in your ebooks

help files and documentation ebooks

Create help files and documentation for your applications with HTML Executable


Include a Table of Contents, a Search System...

Built-in PDF and HTML viewer

Build ebooks with your PDFs

No Adobe Reader requirement: ebooks have an integrated PDF viewer.

Protect your PDF files

Users cannot copy PDF files, and you can control what they can do: print, copy text...

game packaging

Turn JavaScript games into stand-alone applications and protect your source code

Make interactive ebooks from HTML pages and sell your creations

Skins for Ebooks

Enhanced Ebook Interfaces

Choose between 100 skins and themes for your ebooks

Customize the menu bar, toolbar, splash screen, icon...

Advertise your own branding in your ebooks

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March 26th, 2013: HTML Executable 4.6.1 released. PDF viewer and HTML viewer engines were updated. Upgrade is recommended.

Turn your Websites into Ebooks and Applications with our HTML Compiler

Everything comprising the compiled website - ebook can be customized according to your needs. Select the feature you wish more information about or even start the Feature tour.


Create ebooks and applications

Offer your websites and presentations as stand-alone desktop applications to your customers and visitors (one EXE).


Design your own interface with many skins

Design attractive user interfaces with skin support (more than 95 skins available) and multiple window options.


Protected and secured ebooks

Protect pages and content; restrict user rights (copy, print...); prevent users from sharing your work.


Use HTML and PDF as source for your ebooks

Mix PDF and HTML documents together. Stand-alone PDF viewer is integrated.


Create interactive and customized ebooks

Show messages or splash screens, open programs; customize everything with integrated scripting support.


Full ebook branding options

Insert your company name, logo in your ebooks. Advertise your company, not ours!


Search, Contents, Favorite Tools

Add a table of contents, a search system and a favorite manager easily. Use websites as help in your applications..


Make trial or evaluation versions

Set up expiration options or limitations, send registration keys to customers or use online activation.


Easy localization of ebooks

Every text and dialog box can be modified the way you like.


The ultimate ebook compiler for Microsoft Windows

Compile websites into executable files

HTML Executable is a versatile HTML compiler ("html to exe" or "pdf to exe"): it lets you transform entire websites, HTML documents, PDF files and their companion files into real software .exe files. End users run the compiled software as easily as they would run any EXE file. From their perspective, they're running a custom web browser that displays your HTML and PDF pages, as if these pages were hosted on a remote server.

All source files (HTML, PDF, images, CSS, media, JavaScript code...) are strongly compressed and protected in order to make compact, secure executable files useful for distribution or archiving, without losing performance.

 Thanks to HTML Executable, create attractive ebooks, full-featured HTML applications and software, reliable Rich Internet applications, presentations, digital publications, custom web browsers, CD autoruns, demonstrations, offline documentation and compact archives for easier, efficient and secure distribution of your contents.

 Get CHM To Exe to decompile and convert Microsoft HTML Help files (.chm) into executable files.

 Convert your PDF into secure ebooks with a built-in viewer thanks to HTML Executable (PDF Executable).

 Want to use PHP in ebooks? Try our PHP to EXE compiler product: ExeOutput for PHP.

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